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New York Certification Association (NYCA).


A leader in setting and upholding professional, competency-based standards in New York State.


The NYCA is a professional credentialing organization that has been authorized by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to administer certification services in New York for the Recovery Peer Advocate credential.


The NYCA serves the public interest by developing, administering, and maintaining certification programs that reflect current standards of competent practice for peer-delivered services.

Our mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of New York by regulating our certified professionals through experience, education, and compliance with professional and ethical standards.




Customer Portal


The New York Certification Association (NYCA) has opened a new Customer Portal which has enhanced self-service features to make it easier and faster for you to apply for and manage your credentials.

Individuals are able to use the system to:


View and update Account/Profile data
Create a new Account/Profile
Renew credentials in the June cycle
View current credential records, along with certification e-cards
Pay invoices online


You can access the new portal by clicking Log-in Here in the top navigation bar above.

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See the Get Certified page to apply online or download hard-copy forms (hard-copy applications incur a $25 processing fee).
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OASAS approved NYCA Certified Recovery Peer Advocate credential for Medicaid Reimbursement.


Currently, New York State has authorized Medicaid reimbursement to Part 822 (ambulatory) substance abuse treatment providers for peer support services provided by Peer Advocates who hold a national credential or other credential authorized by OASAS. Eligible services consist of face-to-face services provided by a Peer Advocate to an active patient for the purpose of connecting the patient to community-based recovery supports consistent with the treatment/recovery plan.

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