What does the Recovery Peer Advocate designation represent? How is it different than a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Peer Advocate, as defined by Part 822 of the State of New York Regulations, is an individual who holds a credential from a certifying authority recognized by the OASAS Commissioner. For certified Recovery Peer Advocates, this designation means that they have met the requirements for education, verified work experience, and a specified number of training hours related to the competencies that have been established for this credential. It also demonstrates that certified Recovery Peer Advocates have passed a competency-based examination associated with this profession.


Do other organizations in New York offer certification for Recovery Peer Advocates?

Yes. OASAS has authorized two organizations to administer the Recovery Peer Advocate Certificate: the New York Certification Association; and Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State (ASAP) through the new certification board they formed in 2012. It is important for candidates and employers of peer specialists to understand that applicants have a choice in which organization they approach to become certified as Recovery Peer Advocates. If they choose the New York Certification Association, they will be working with an organization that:


Offers more than 30 years of experience providing certification services for Florida's substance abuse service community
Functions as an independent, professional certification authority that is not affiliated with another membership organization or aligned with organizations that provide training for Peer Advocate certification
Works closely with the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) to promote professional standards and advocate for reciprocity for the individuals it certifies
Is a member of ICE (Institute for Credentialing Excellence), the leading national developer of standards for certification, test development and delivery and assessment-based certificate programs in the credentialing community
Is governed by an Advisory Board of New York-based volunteer experts in the delivery of peer advocacy and peer support services
Guarantees responsive customer service to applicants, supervisors and employers at a very reasonable cost
Offers the most viable and legally defensible certification process available for Recovery Peer Advocates in New York State


What are the requirements for the Recovery Peer Advocate Program?

The Recovery Peer Advocate certification process consists of three parts: submission of a formal application; passing a competency-based examination; and, commitment to uphold the established code of ethics. In addition, there is a requirement to recertify every three (3) years and submit proof of having completed a specified amount of continuing education in peer service topics.


What is the application process?

NYCA offers two ways to apply. The on-line application process is the recommended approach since it offers the quickest processing time and least effort on the part of applicants to enter and submit information. Applicants may also choose to download, print and mail in their certification application, but should expect to incur costs associated with packaging and shipping the application. It is suggested that candidates who are considering applying, access and review the Candidate Guide for Application to guide them through the application process.


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