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Recovery Peer Advocates certified by the New York Certification Association (NYCA) are qualified to provide Medicaid reimbursable peer services in New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) certified outpatient treatment settings. OASAS defines a Peer Advocate as someone who is supervised to "...provide outreach and peer support services based on clinical need as identified in the patient's treatment/recovery plan which occur on the premises of a certified program." Peer Advocates may also provide other types and forms of peer support that go beyond those services provided in a certified setting.


Application and Forms


Two Ways to Apply

We offer two ways to apply for your certification.


Online Electronic Certification Applications
Create a personal account profile to apply online! Online applications offer the quickest processing time.


This Candidate Guide for Application contains the Certification Application form which should be used as a worksheet for completing the online application fields of information. Some of the forms, such as the Training Verification Form will need to be completed separately and uploaded into the online application system at the time of application. Other forms will have to be completed by specific individuals, such as supervisors, and sent to the NYCA.

Download, Print and Mail

Note: applications submitted by mail must include a $25 processing fee.
If you choose to submit your application in hard-copy format, the application forms are available as editable PDF documents. These forms are located below. Here are the steps: 1) locate and save the appropriate form(s) to your computer; 2) open the file and fill in the information using the fields provided; 3) print and verify application is complete before mailing. It is preferred that the forms be typed instead of completed by hand.


Certified Recovery Peer Advocate: Candidate Guide for Application
CRPA Application Form 1
CRPA Application Form 2 - Training Verification
CRPA Application Form 3 - Work Experience
CRPA Application Form 4 - On-the-Job-Supervision
CRPA Application Form 5 - Personal-Character Recommendation
CRPA Application Form 5A - Professional Recommendation


Certification Application Fee $100. This fee is valid for a 12-month period. If the CRPA credential is not earned with 12-months of paying the certification application fee, a $100 continuation fee must be paid.
This fee must be paid before the CRPA Application will be assigned to a certification specialist for processing.
CRPA Certification Examination Fee $75. This fee must be paid with every exam attempt.
DO NOT PAY THIS FEE UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED TO TEST BY AN NYCA CERTIFICATION SPECIALIST. The NYCA will not refund exam fees if you are not approved to test.
CRPA Triennial Renewal Fee (every 3 years) $100. This fee must be paid on or before October 31st of the year of renewal.
Criminal Background Report Fee $20. This fee is required for any applicant who answers, "Yes, I have had a felony or second degree misdemeanor charge in my past" on the CRPA Application. This fee covers the cost to the NYCA to run a criminal history report.
Manual Application Processing Fee $25. This fee is required for any manual, hard-copy applications submitted to the NYCA. The fee covers the cost of data entry.
This fee must be paid before the Certified Recovery Peer Advocate Application will be entered into the certification database and assigned to a certification specialist for processing.
Late Renewal Fee $50. This fee must be paid in addition to renewal payments submitted between November 1st and November 30th of the renewal year.


NYCA Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct
The New York Certification Association is dedicated to the principle that certified professionals must conduct their behavior in accordance with the highest standards of ethical practice. To that end, the NYCA has adopted the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct that is applied to all professionals, certified or seeking certification. Applicants must read this document and provide an attestation that they will abide by these ethical and professional standards.

NYCA Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct



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