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Peer Support Services Guidance 2017

IC&RC is pleased to announce the availability of a practice test for the Peer Recovery (PR) exam. Consisting of 25 questions, the practice test costs $30. When utilized along with the IC&RC PR candidate guide and the free Rhode Island Peer Recovery Specialist Certification Guide: A Study Guide for the Certification Exam, the practice test will help candidates prepare to take the full exam. For complete details, please direct your candidates to IC&RC's website.

Doug Rosenberry's presentation (November 21, 2014): CERTIFIED RECOVERY PEER ADVOCATES: The Emerging Role of Peer Support in NY

Peer Advocate Role Delineation Study

Compendium of Training and Self-Study Resources for Recovery Peer Specialists and Recovery Support Specialists (August 2015, 2nd Edition)
The Compendium of Training and Self-Study Resources was researched and compiled to assist individuals identify resources that can be used to meet training needs for certification as a recovery peer specialist in Florida. The publication contains training and self-study resources that are from many sources around the United States and is also relevant for recovery peer specialists in other states.

Guidance Document for How to Verify or Create an Account in the Online Customer Portal (June 2016)
Persons who have accounts in the former NYCA online system have their account information migrated into the new online certification system. Please carefully read and follow the How to Verify or Create an Account in New FCB/NYCA System document to verify and update an existing account or to create a new account.

NYCA Approved Education and Training Providers

Meaningful Training
Fell Cadwallader

Florida Certification Board's Online Education Platform

The NYCA uses the Peer Recovery credential exam from the IC&RC for its certification examination. The NYCA wants to make you aware of a course created by the Florida Certification Board. It's an online certification examination review course that is aligned with the domains of knowledge that are addressed on this IC&RC Peer Recovery examination – Advocacy, Mentoring/Education, Recovery Support and Ethical Responsibility. While this course is not endorsed as a study guide by the IC&RC, it will be very helpful.
The CRPS Certification Examination Review Course is free and provides 5 continuing education hours. It was developed for Florida's Peer Specialist exam, but is not Florida-specific. The NYCA does not have a stand-alone course for New York.

Great Escape Substance Abuse Training and Information
Educational Provider with NYCA #5286-A
Anthony Bryant

NAR Associates Provider #5053-A

Hudson Valley Resource Training, Inc.
Karen Palmiero (845)765-2728

File an Ethics Complaint

Have an ethical complaint against a professional who is certified or attempting to become certified? Download the Ethics Complaint Form.
If your complaint about an ethical breach requires the NYCA to access confidential information, please download and complete the NYCA Release of Confidential Information.

Respond to an Ethics Complaint

Need to respond to an ethical complaint? Download the FCB Respondent Form.
If your response to an ethical complaint requires the NYCA to access confidential information, please download and complete the NYCA Release of Confidential Information.

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